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Our History

Based in Nashville Tennessee, Waterscapes Backyard Resorts are the best pool builders for designs, builds, and custom pool and spa renovations all over the southeast United States. We create entire backyard resorts to form the oasis retreat of your dreams. With over thirty years of high-end custom pool construction experience, we have a wealth of knowledge and artistry unsurpassed in the southeast. Working 6-7 days, a week the construction team at Waterscapes Backyard Resorts has the knowledge and professionalism you want on your projects.

Best pool builder in Nashville, Clarksville and Franklin TN

Nashville's Best Pool Builder

Waterscapes Backyard Resorts focuses on service and quality construction and is backed by an impeccable reputation. All of our work is done in-house by employees, not sub-contractors like many other pool companies. This ensures a consistent, high-level of quality throughout the entire building process. After all, we pride ourselves on establishing long-term relationships with our clients – many of whom are professional athletes and music industry executives. If you should have questions before, during or after the work is completed, we will attend to your needs in an efficient, timely manner. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Pool & Spa Finish

Waterscapes uses a state-of-the-art hand polished pool finish with a silky smooth texture and proven durability of exposed aggregates. There is a selection of unique colors to choose from that complement a wide range of pool designs. Often described as toughness without roughness this pool finish is prevalent in the world’s most beautiful pool designs. The magic comes during the final phase of hand polishing when the surface comes to a smooth and brilliant finish that is friendly to fingers, toes, and swimsuits.

Providing residential and commercial pool construction as well as integrating entire design elements allows Waterscape Backyard Resorts to take over an entire project. During scheduling and construction, no third party subcontractors are used. Greater control over the quality of work during construction allows Waterscapes Backyard Resorts to stand by their work for years to come. Waterscapes Backyard Resorts has many returning customers, some have had three, or more pools built. There are employees that have worked at Waterscapes as long as sixteen years. This leads the team at Waterscapes Backyard Resorts to develop close working relationships with all of their clients. Waterscapes Backyard Resorts is a Jandy Warranty Station that services within a 100 mile radius. Waterscapes is also an accredited A+ BBB company that belongs to an Elite Buying Group.

Pool & Spa Purification

Using oxygen in the air and ultraviolet rays of the sun, Ozonators create a natural sanitizer. It destroys bacteria, viruses, mold, and mildew all while being odorless, colorless, and tasteless. Providing an alternative to chlorine and not irritating human skin makes Ozanators a popular alternative sanitation. For the long term, Ozanators make up for the initial investment by reducing cost of chlorine and other chemicals. Our Jandy Salt Systems are self-contained, compact purifying system that fulfills all of your pool's sanitizing needs. The salt system utilizes water softening technology to provide smooth, gentle on skin, sparkling clean water. Say goodbye to red, irritated eyes, green hair, and faded swimsuits.